Making Africa's Hydrogen Future Possible

It is a well established assumption that energy is fundamental to  the existence of all life in our planet and in fact, it is so pervasive as to be the most visible reality in our universe which teems with billions and billions of stars constantly  producing massive amounts of energy.  Accepting what researchers and  scientists have postulated, the universe comprises of approximately 75% of hydrogen. It is no wonder therefore that hydrogen is now emerging as the front runner of the global energy transition. Hydrogen is tipped to be  the next dominant energy carrier to power the global economy.

This is the foundation of Mitochondria Energy and  informs its participation in this emerging global energy opportunity dubbed the Hydrogen Economy.

Welcome to the Hydrogen Valley Innovation Hub – a first on the African continent.

The Mitochondria Campus

Mitochondria's campus front view
An Artists' impression of The Mitochondria Campus, Mitochondria's state of the art facility to manufacture their Fuel Cell.

Mitochondria is excited to present the first artist renditions of their Manufacturing Plant, to be established in the Vaal Region. 

The vision for The Campus is to create a world-class, sustainable development that echoes the fundamental principles of Mitochondria. It is Mitochondria’s desire to impact the local community through the development of this manufacturing plant and has been engaging the local community to ensure the development is not only sustainable, it improves the lives of those in the local community throughout the project cycle where possible. 

This facility will be the first development of Mitochondria’s Hydrogen Valley Hub initiative and is set to unlock the R1.4bn per annum Supply Chain and provide up to 400 jobs in the first year of operation.
Side View of Mitochondria's Manufacturing Facility
Ariel View of Mitochondria's Manufacturing Facility
Location for Mitochondria's Manufacturing plant
The site where Mitochondria will build it's Campus in Rietspruit, Vaal.

The Hydrogen Valley Innovation Hub