Mitochondria | ˌmʌɪtə(ʊ)ˈkɒndrɪə |

noun (s. mitochondrion | ˌmʌɪtə(ʊ)ˈkɒndrɪən |) biology

Found in large numbers in most cells, mitochondria are the biochemical processing plants in which sustainable energy production and respiration take place.


Similarly, at Mitochondria Energy Company we provide intelligent, decentralised energy solutions to power a sustainable future.

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A renewable energy company is born

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Sparked in 2007 from the idea that Africa needs to use its rich, mineral resource base to participate in global value chains, Mitochondria Energy Company was created to empower the continent to provide sustainable energy services and resource-based industrialisation to meet the needs of her people.

We provide off-grid, decentralised, distributed, on-site and at-point-of-use energy solutions, as well as grid-connected alternatives for those looking to optimise their current energy consumption.






Mito in the headlines

“The future of energy generation in Africa is distributed, it is decentralised, it is on-site, it is where the energy is consumed. The platinum fuel cell is the ultimate decentralising, distributing technology.”

Mashudu Ramano, CEO

Mitochondria Energy Company (Pty) Ltd


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