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What we love and do


Off-Grid Solutions

Power on your doorstep

We provide off-grid, decentralised, distributed, on-site and at-point-of-use, as well as grid-connected, value-adding solutions.


Refining Africa‘s raw materials

We leverage our market development activities to promote the beneficiation of Africa’s resources.

Customised Services

Designed to suit your needs

We design, construct and assemble customised energy-services ecosystems to serve mission-critical, energy-intensive users such as those in the mining, refining, logistics, hospitality and telecommunications sectors.

Change Agents

Revealing the value of energy

We co-inspire a change in paradigm from seeing energy as a cost to seeing it as a value-adding component of our clients‘ business offering.

Market Development

Unlocking new markets

We unlock and develop new energy-services markets in order to create a greener and more equitable society.

Thought Leadership

Championing a sustainable world

We champion the vision of a world where sustainability is the de-facto standard of how life and business are done.

Technological Offering

Fuel Cells

The ultimate decentralising technology

Unlike other power generation technologies which have intermediate steps to convert chemical energy to electricity; a Fuel Cell converts chemical energy of the fuel source directly into electrical energy through the electrochemical reaction of hydrogen from the fuel source and oxygen from the air. This leads to high electrical efficiencies as compared to conventional combustion technologies where the chemical energy is first converted to thermal energy and to mechanical energy before converted to electrical energy. Figure 1 illustrates the difference between the working principles of Fuel Cell and conventional combustion technologies like engines and turbines.

Energy Storage

Efficient storage systems

As a technology agnostic, energy service dominant and customer focussed company, we also look at other technologies that are tailored for each specific customer segment. This include battery energy storage to maximise the use intermittent renewable energy assets of the customers through generation shifting; frequency regulation; transmission & distribution deferrals; peak shaving; demand response and demand charge reduction. On this we are partnering with leading battery storage company called Kokam based in South Korea.


Figure 1: Conventional technologies vs fuel cell technologies

At Mitochondria, we believe hydrogen can be used as an energy transition gas, particularly to balance the intermittent renewables like solar PV and Wind energy with grid energy infrastructure. This is possible by using hydrogen gas as energy storage to store excess renewable energy through water electrolysis (power to gas) process. The green hydrogen produced can be used to generate electricity during peak demand periods and in other applications like industrial use, transport, district heating, etc.; to decarbonize the economy by replacing the current fossil fuel-based gases.

Hydrogen Vision

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