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Our Story

A sustainable energy company is born

Sparked in 2007 from the idea that Africa needs to use its rich, mineral resource base to participate in global value chains, Mitochondria Energy Company was created to empower the continent to provide sustainable energy services and resource-based industrialisation to meet the needs of her people.

A case in point would be minerals such as the platinum group metals (PGMs) and vanadium, energy-critical elements used in energy generation and storage technologies. Although countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe are home to the world’s largest deposits of these metals and are renowned for being the largest producers and exporters of these resources, their participation in the high-end production tiers of the global value chain is minimal.

What is more, South Africa has lived through an energy crisis while the rest of the continent is energy poor. It is within this context that Mito was established in 2012 with a quadruple imperative: energy services provision; resource-based industrialisation; new industry development – in which, by virtue of the technologies we are working with, the development of the PGMs and chrome markets are central – and climate change mitigation.





Why we exist

We exist to ensure that sustainable energy services – which are fundamental to life, to social and economic institutions, and to socio-economic development are available to all.

The vision that fuels our business is to be a provider of affordable and reliable sustainable energy services to all, all the time, anywhere, where and when they are needed.


What energises us


The journey we are on

Our mission is to power Africa through smart energy-ecosystems and sustainable partnerships.

Our Stakeholders

Terracotta Resources

Investment Holding Company


Development Finance Institution

Terracotta Resources is a South African investment holding company founded in 2002 with a vision to invest in sustainable solutions in the energy, water, materials and food sectors, as well as developing downstream beneficiation opportunities in the South African and African markets, specifically with the development of the hydrogen and fuel cell technologies market in mind. As a result of this vision, through the labours of Mashudu Ramano – co-founder and chairman of the company – Terracotta has succeeded in being instrumental in laying a foundation for the hydrogen and fuel cell industry in South Africa.

The Industrial Development Corporation was established in 1940 and is owned by the South African government. It is a development finance institution with over $17 billion in assets. The corporation has a wide range of custom financial products to suit the needs of various projects. These include debt, equity and guarantees, or a combination of these instruments.



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A customer-centric business

For us, more than the turn-over of goods, a customer-service dominant logic is the basis of economic and social change. As such, our structures are geared toward providing our customers with the best possible service that we can offer.

Behind this is our recognition and deep appreciation of the business ecosystem within which we operate, a system built on the trust of the customer. If it were not for this web of co-evolving and interacting stakeholders, we would not exist.

As such, we are committed to excellence and professionalism in all that we do. Indeed, inspired by wabi sabi, the Japanese philosophy which states that, in this life, everything is impermanent, imperfect and incomplete, we are a company of passionate learners who – despite the fact that we will inevitably make mistakes – are dedicated to always growing and improving ourselves.

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